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  • fiber_manual_recordChetumal

    Chetumal, also known as "The cradle of the Mestizo" for being the place where Princess Zazil Ha and Gonzalo Guerrero got married, is the midpoint between Mexico and Central America, in which the best of both destinations mix; It is located on the border with Belize.

    Chetumal has a beautiful bay with colorful blues where you can enjoy the breeze and nature that accompanies it with a tour on foot or by bicycle. Its most outstanding point of interest to visit is the "Museum of the Mayan Culture", considered as the largest and most complete museum of the state dedicated to the Mayan culture.

  • fiber_manual_recordVisit to "Daniel" the Manatee

    Approximately 2.6 miles from El Chital Daniel the manatee lives, who is in semi-captivity and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday. The visit in the place is guided by qualified personnel and has the purpose of generating environmental culture. For more information visit:

  • fiber_manual_recordCalderitas

    In Calderitas you can enjoy the wide variety of restaurants, tasting seafood specialties with a family atmosphere, its colorful waters with boat rides or Kayak adventuring to reach a small island of white sands and calm waters called Tamalcab. Its aquatic attractions are diverse: among these are underwater fishing, snorkeling and diving. For more information visit:

  • fiber_manual_recordOxtankah Archaeological Site

    Further on from Calderitas, bordering the coast, you can take an excursion to the archaeological zone of Oxtankah, which was one of the main cities of the classic period, together with the nearby Kohunlich, Dzibanché, Kinichna and Chacchoben.

    Oxtankah is located 16 kilometers north of Chetumal. In order to get to the place, you must take the Chetumal-Calderitas road, route (Heroes Avenue) of the north of the city and continue on a paved road that borders the bay, four and a half kilometers to the north is the access sign to the archaeological zone.

  • fiber_manual_recordFree Zone

    The commercial area called "free zone" is located in Belizean territory, close to the Mexican border, where you can go shopping and get non-national products of all kinds, particularly perfumes, liquors, tobacco and clothing, or white goods. , musical instruments, bags or suitcases, at extremely low prices.