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Kayak Tour: Rio Chile Verde - Guerrero Lagoon.

The tour starts from Rio Chile Verde located in the back of the El Chital property. We travel approximately 2 miles km downstream of the river until we reach the bridge of the road that leads to the town of Raudales. At this point take a break and a snack, continue in the lagoon, usually with the wind against, for about 2 miles to get to the front of the hotel.

  • Duration: Approximately five hours
  • Price: MXN. $350.00 each.
  • Departure: 9:30 a.m
  • Place: Rio chile verde (back of "El Chital").
  • Equipment: Kayak, oars, vests. Includes box lunch.
  • Recommendations Wear light clothing, water shoes, sun hat and sunscreen.
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Kayak tour: Visit to the lookout and Mayan traps

The route is along the shore of the lagoon along approximately 6 km between round trip. In it you can admire the various varieties of mangrove in the area, orchids and brómelas particular, being in the months of May, June and part of July and some species of waterfowl. The objective is to reach a viewpoint of about 10 meters high with a platform at the top of 4 meters per side, where we will have a time to swim around and enjoy the views, returning we can see some Mayan remains that they had the function of fish traps.

  • Duration: 3 hours, thirty minutes.
  • Price: MX $300.00 each.
  • Departure: 9:30 a.m
  • Place: Rio chile verde.
  • Equipment: Kayak, oars, vests. Includes box lunch.
  • Recommendations Wear light clothing, water shoes, sun hat and sunscreen.
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Bird watching Tour

The tour includes several points within the El Chital site, as well as some other places already identified in the peripheries where they have been located as bird habitat (the observation of you can take place all year round, although the best season is entering winter and late spring).

  • Duration: Approximately 3 Hours
  • Price: MXN. $200 each
  • Departure: 7:00 a.m
  • Equipment: Bird guide, binoculars.
  • Recommendations Wear non-striking light-colored clothing, sun hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, tennis.
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Motorboat and Sport Fishing Tour.

Route of more or less than 2 miles crossing the Guerrero Lagoon, then entering several branches of surface currents for an approximate length of 6 km until emptying into the Chetumal bay, in the route you can see several varieties of vegetation highlighting among them the mangrove red, the mangrove botoncillo and native orchids in the months of May, June and July. As well as some bromeliads; Also, in the winter and spring, different waterfowl may be observed in their migration processes. The high fishing season is from April to October. The possible species to catch are: shad, horse mackerel, and mainly barracuda.

  • Duration: Approximately 4 Hours
  • Price: MXN. $1,500 per tour, up to 4 people or MXN. $1,900 up to 9 people
  • Departure: 9:00 a.m.
  • Place: Hotel's Dock
  • Equipment: Bait, fishing reels, boat. Includes box lunch.
  • Includes: Bottle of water, granola bar and a fruit.
  • Recommendations Wear light clothing, water shoes, sun hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.




"El Chital" adjoins to the east with Laguna Guerrero and to the west with a stream that ends in the lagoon, so you can do the journey starting in the stream and finish it in front of the cabins, enjoying beautiful views in which the mangroves, orchids stand out , bromeliads and various species of birds.


Walk in the extension of the hotel area, where you will enjoy the biodiversity of the place.

Cycling around the hotel

Walk the paths of Sacbe in which you can be in contact with the flora and fauna of the "Manatee Sanctuary".

Bird watching

In the surroundings you can observe the varied species of common birds of the Yucatan peninsula.